Friday, August 29, 2014

Whiskey Bottle Cake

Made for a 30th birthday and created to look like a Jameson Whiskey bottle, but with certain elements changed per the client's request. I airbrushed the cake first and then decorated it last. I used a combo of green and black to achieve the desired color. The cake was 6 layers of mint chocolate chip and white chocolate ganache. Very decadent cake!

Lego Ninja Cake

A classic vanilla and buttercream cake for a 7th birthday party. I made the Lego Nija characters with fondant as well as the lego bricks surrounding the cake.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Elephant Takes the Cake

This cake ended up being a whole assortment of epiphanies, all of which were completely unintended!

A client came to me asking if I would make a cake for her friend's surprise baby shower and her one request was that the colors be grey and pink. I love having free reign to create what I want. They really are some of the most fun cakes to make. In the process of creating this cake, I discovered not one, not, two, but three different methods of creating totally unrelated decorations.

I didn't have time to create pictures for a tutorial unfortunately, but I can explain a little bit about my discoveries. The first occurred when I was creating the pearls of fondant on the bottom of each tier. I wanted them to be uniform, so I used my silicone pearl mold to create the effect I needed, and when I pushed the fondant into the mold in a straight line, I used a knife to cut the excess fondant off of the backing, and voila! I discovered a perfect ruffled piece.

The second "Ah ha!" moment came when I was making the chevron pattern. Since I don't have a pattern that would create the look, I wondered if I could use a small square cutter to cut out the shape by hand. It worked pretty well, and while I was working on one chevron strip, I realized after all was said and done that I had created a perfect string of bunting flags that were attached together.

The third and final realization came when I woke up in the morning (aren't mornings perfect for clarity of thought?!) and wondered how it would look if I cut out heart shaped voids from the fondant attached to the base board, and cut out another colored fondant heart and put it in the empty space. The board had looked a little sparse, so I tried it and I liked it. Below is a few pictures of the cake before the hearts and then one after the hearts.

Hawaiian Cake

This double barrel cake was for a special person who was leaving his place of employment to set out on a new adventure. The cake was Hawaiian themed since he and his wife had been married there. A request was made to have his family showcased on the top of the cake, so I made peg dolls to represent them. The cake was dark chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting.

I covered the cake with white fondant and then used my handy dandy airbrush machine to create the sunset. I started with bright yellow as the base color, then used orange to give a glow, and then topped it off with red for the top. The cake was pretty smooth going, but I have to say that the palm trees gave me fits. For whatever reason, they didn't want to stay, no matter what element I used. I tried corn syrup, fondant "glue", water, to no avail. Finally I decided I needed to take desperate measures, so I used tooth picks and stuck it into the sides. It worked but I admit I don't like doing that because I'm afraid someone will catch themselves on them. Since I actually attended this party, I figured I could get away with it just this once since I was also the cake cutter!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Humpty Dumpty Cake

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. You know the rest.

For a birthday I created a cake within the humpty dumpty theme and I have to say this was one of my favorite cakes I've done in awhile. Even though I'm my harshest critic, I was very happy with the final result of this cake.

I wanted to stick with a paler color palette so I used soft brown, blue, and green to cover the cake.

The cake was three tiers of lemon with strawberry curd and strawberry meringue buttercream.